TPNI Events Webcast: Increase Your Exhibitor ROI

Tuesday October 4th 1PM EST | 10AM PST

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  • Make it easy for your attendees to get to know your exhibitors.
  • Read case studies, download white papers.
  • Talk about the fact that 70% of buyers make a decision before getting a sales person involved. Your event should foster that.
  • Capture leads everywhere, not just your booth. Luncheons, breakout sessions, parties, etc.
  • Make it easy for an attendee to become a lead without having to go to the booth.
  • Must Have Mobile Apps

TPNI Engage Webcast: Think Like Netflix- Content Marketing

Thursday September 29th 4PM EST | 1PM PST

Webcast will discuss how you can apply the tactics, that Netflix uses, to your content creation and marketing campaigns.




Norwood, MA: January 5th 2017 – Global Event Management Software Market is Estimated to reach $7.57 billion and Grow at 11.39% CAGR Forecast to 2022

Events or functions are an important and effective way of communication between clients and companies. Companies, universities, government, public/private associations, agencies, and other hospitality sectors conduct events on a regular basis. For the success of these events, a well-designed planning is required, pertaining to event registration, venue sourcing, attendee management, session management, event marketing, on-site technology (mobile apps, speaker management and others), among various other tasks. Event planning thereby requires months of preparation for tasks such as pre-booking of venue and hotels or rooms, marketing, and record keeping in form of paper work… read full article here.


Norwood, MA: September 8th 2016 – TPNI brings the event experience to the mobile app. TPNI Events app allows the user to search and edit an attendee’s profile, print a record, and view analytics. Our built in scanner allows an easy profile look up by the QR code located on the confirmation or attendee’s badge. Our new dynamic search program allows lookups through a combination of name and/or company, you can narrow the search down even further by registration type or products. An innovative feature on the app now allows you to set notifications for badge printing. Next time that important keynote speaker checks in you’ll be the first one to know and welcome him in. This app puts the power of the event in the palm of your hands. Check out more here.


Norwood, MA: March 8th 2016 – The Pulse Network, Inc. (TPNI), a digital marketing and event platform company, has launched its new partnership with resellers in the Latin American countries. These resellers are working with TPNI’s digital marketing and content curation platform, TPNI Engage, to make it available to the Spanish-speaking audiences not only in Southern America but across the globe. TPNI Engage offers intuitive tools to help businesses and brands of all size to turn top-of-the-funnel leads into convertible sales.

The continuous growth of TPNI’s products introduces itself and its software platform to new clients while educating the content marketing community. Visit the new Spanish TPNI Engage site at http://negocioinstantaneo.com/.

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