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We know that finding the right events management software or outsourcing your special events management is a tricky decision because event and venue management is no longer a meeting planning function; it involves all aspects of an event, from operations to technology to marketing. At TPNI Events we combine a proven methodology with state of the art technology and passionate, experienced people to provide world-class results.

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The seasoned team at TPNI Events treats every event management relationship like a TPNI-owned program and is involved and immersed every step of the way, from pre-program training to post-program reporting. Our team currently manages programs ranging in size from 50 – 15,000 attendees and has experience launching, growing, and managing events with audiences over 200,000 attendees.


Director of Client Development

Rick Quinn has been a member of TPNI’s team since its inception and serves as General Manager of TPNI Events. Rick has been a featured expert as well as a host on numerous webinars in the event industry and spoken at industry events, and he’s been involved in all phases of the TPNI methodology – discover, design, deliver, and service -- leading technology, sales, marketing and delivery teams for his entire career. Rick also brings over 25 years of experience delivering database applications, IT and software solutions to the events industry.

We are a boutique event management company. We work with our clients to determine which of our service modules are right for them, and if they have existing software or processes they wish to keep, how we can integrate everything. We customize the experience, finding a look and feel that works for them, with their rules, and don’t charge an arm and a leg for it.


Director of Platform Development

Andrew Reid is a software developer and project manager with a passion to be part of a competitive and creative team that loves to solve problems. With over 15 years of coding experience, working with everything from small startups to fortune 500 companies, he still enjoys the challenge of learning new technologies and creating new products.

I’ve been involved with all aspects of the software development life cycle, from the discovery phase all the way to presenting the finished product, and one of the most important things I’ve learned is that having solid respectful relationships can bring out the best in a team.


Finance Director

Brian Terio is responsible for all financial reporting, HR, accounting, and legal activities for TPNI, but you’ve undoubtedly met him as part of the event management team at numerous TPNI Events managed programs. Brian has a BS degree in Business from Bryant University, and with over 20 years’ experience at TPNI, Brian has done it all, from assisting at an event registration table to presenting at a TPNI board meeting.

As we continue to navigate our business forward to new successes, we can always count on our strength in client relationships with the services we provide as an integral part of our growth along with years of business know-how.


TPNI Events is just one of several customer engagement and content marketing solutions under TPNI’s corporate umbrella. Founded in 1994, TPNI helps clients ranging from Fortune 500 companies to small and mid-size companies boost awareness, drive lead generation and enhance client engagement through content marketing, campaign management and event registration with a social and digital backbone. TPNI also produces its own branded content programs including online video productions.


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