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For your mission critical, event management needs, we’ve got you covered!
  • Will TPNI make my job easier while saving my company money? ... Yes!
  • Will TPNI increase attendance and on-site verification? ... Yes!
  • Will TPNI increase sponsor, exhibitor, speaker, and attendee satisfaction? ... Yes!
There’s so much to consider when choosing your corporate event management partner – and it’s practically impossible to get an apples-to-apples comparison between event management software/service companies – so we’re going to let our clients speak for us!

Having a single, cloud-based solution for all customer touch points is critical to enhanced attendee experience, and we’ve got that. And providing incredible customer service and support online and on-site is a must, and we do that, too. But what we offer is truly unique in the industry and sets us apart from the competition, and it all comes down to people -- to relationships – and at TPNI we value long-term partnerships over short-term profits.

They’re great partners, which for us, is the key. They come at it as if they have financial stock in our events, even though they don’t. They establish themselves as a member of your staff, your team.

Kendra McColloch / AAPG

The TPNI Event Platform coupled with TPNI’s 30+ years of experience managing events with 50 – 200,000 people provides a cloud-based, state of the art system that includes the best of mobile, online, and offline technologies. And while we offer a high-end, customizable solution delivering the best customer experience, our average cost per registration is lower than our competition.

From set-up to actual badge printing on site, it was so much easier than what any of us could have imagined.

Denise Miller / MGMA

We’ve been trusted by over twenty-five industry-leading event managers on 6 continents to register over 1 million participants at over 150 events.

We’ve been using TPNI for several years now, and we’re incredibly happy with the platform and services. We use several of the features from Speaker Management to Registration to the Mobile App. Using all of these features, we are able to provide a seamless experience for our attendees.

Lisa Star / AWWA

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