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Please take a moment and let our clients tell you how we’ve risen to any occasion and exceeded every expectation, and hopefully, after reading a few of these testimonials, you’ll give us a little more of your time and schedule a demo.We feel confident that once you’ve seen our platform and discussed your needs with our people, you (and your boss) will be happy you did!

Real Challenges.

Real Solutions.

Can online registration and other features be customized? … Yes!

"Not only does the TPNI team listen to our feedback and constructive criticism to make regular improvements to the platform and mobile experience, but they have also tailored elements of the platform to fit our exact needs."
    - Veteran TPNI Customer

Can online registration process be integrated with our internal system? … Yes!

"Our needs don’t fall within what an off-the-shelf event management product can provide. TPNI’s team has made countless customizations for us over the years and truly worked some miracles integrating with our system. For registration, we use TPNI in two different ways: independent registration through TPNI and an internal registration system, integrated with TPNI, which we call, “The Bridge”. Registering through The Bridge, users start on the TPNI side, filling out some information; when they hit NEXT they seamlessly go into a completely different software on the AAPG side where they’re asked some follow-up questions, like e-newsletter opt-in, and when they click NEXT again, and it goes back to TPNI, completely unbeknownst to the user."
    - Veteran TPNI Customer

Can the platform communicate with our internal database? … Yes!

"We do our own pre-registration, and we’d been trying for years to create something that would print badges from our legacy database, and now TPNI’s platform does that for us. The software sits on top of our data, and all I have to do is click."
    - Veteran TPNI Customer

Can I get custom reporting from the platform? … Yes!

"After each major event, I put together a comprehensive report for stakeholders. The platform is equipped with over 30 standard reports and some customization options, but when I need a report that falls outside the box, TPNI’s team has gone above and beyond again and again to create the exact reports I need."
    - Veteran TPNI Customer

Does using the platform create a more environmentally friendly event? … Yes!

"As an organization involved in public health and wellness, we’re actively trying to reduce our carbon footprint in every way possible. Using TPNI’s platform allows us to simply scan attendees going into events, which has allowed us to go ticketless for many events, saving money and allowing us to be more sustainable."
    - Veteran TPNI Customer

Does the platform handle all aspects of Continuing Education (CE/CUE/CME) for me? … Yes!

"Tracking the exact number of minutes an attendee spends in technical sessions are required for our attendees to maintain their certifications, so we use TPNI’s CEU scanning and room monitoring features at our Annual Conference for this process. TPNI offers smart devices to scan attendees in and out quickly and easily allowing us to track their movements over time, which is easier than doing it manually. And TPNI’s customizable reporting allows us to upload our scan reports into our management software for attendee transcripts, which has helped streamline our process and produce certificates in a timely manner."
    - Veteran TPNI Customer

Is mobile-friendly, real-time reporting built into the platform? … Yes!

"Getting to show real-time analytics has been hugely important. For a recent event, we arrived in our host city just one day after a major storm had come through, and management was worried about attendance. With real-time analytics, my boss could look at the numbers right away – right on her mobile device -- and see exactly how many attendees had registered onsite, which was hugely reassuring."
    - Veteran TPNI Customer

Can speakers manage their own profile, bio, session information, etc.? … Yes!

"Before TPNI, updating speaker biographies, photos, social links, etc., was all done manually, in multiple places, or not at all. But now it’s all rolled into one, streamlined process using the online program and mobile app. Speakers can maintain and update their own information, which everyone can see right away without needing our staff as middlemen."
    - Veteran TPNI Customer

Does the platform help manage speaker consent forms, copyright forms, etc.? … Yes!

"Before TPNI, we did a lot of work manually. For example, receiving and processing signed consent forms and copyright forms by using faxes and scanned PDFs via email. It required a lot of hands-on, time-consuming labor to process. Now, all of this is done digitally through a single sign-on speaker portal. It’s made everything much easier and more efficient."
    - Veteran TPNI Customer

Is the platform updated regularly to meet evolving technology and industry needs? … Yes!

"To be honest, years ago, when we first started working with TPNI, we had some issues with the lead retrieval product, but they listened to our constructive criticism, made corrections and improvements, and we’ve been happy ever since. It’s solid, and they have continued to make improvements to enhance our/their customer experience."
    - Veteran TPNI Customer

Will using the platform save me from pre-printing badges? … Yes!

"I was no longer interested in pre-printing and preparing 900 badges, taking them to the event and organizing them, only to have to reprint and replace half of them! I was wasting time and money, and it wasn’t “green” at all. Using the platform’s print-as-you-go capabilities addressed all that and more. I needed less staff at the check-in desk, wait times were reduced, even at crunch time, and we got LOTS of positive attendee comments about how eco-friendly we were."
    - Veteran TPNI Customer

Will using the platform speed up the onsite registration or check-in process? … Yes!

"Before we began working with TPNI, we printed badges in advance. Utilizing TPNI’s self-registration system with bar-code scanning and on-demand printing, it has streamlined our on-site registration process. We have been able to process over 800 attendee badges in less than 30 minutes. Registration lines at our events move faster and more efficiently than ever before."
    - Veteran TPNI Customer

Can event staff use their own mobile devices during the onsite registration or check-in process? … Yes!

"When I notice a VIP or someone I know in the registration line, I want to take care them right away, and with this platform, that’s easy. You simply pull them out of line, look them up on your phone, and print their badge as you walk them to the printers!"
    - Veteran TPNI Customer


We embrace customization and tailor our event software platform to your needs, providing and supporting the best event management software on the market. And when you employ our event management services, our team of veteran account managers – which includes founders of Comdex, Interop, and IMS – is fully-engaged, hands-on, and there to handle as many aspects of your program as needed.

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